About What The Traveler Saw

My life is dedicated to travel, meditation, loving feelings and a happy life.  I am in a period of great renewal and transition.  The store is closed and my creativity is loose.  I’m collaging again, organizing my photos and making projects with my arts.  I”m also taking my family history by the horns and telling the world how incredibly strong and blessed we have been to keep our family history in tact and in telling.  How lucky am I?  I’m in love…

What The Traveler Saw was a shop in Chicago, just near the University of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, Lake Michigan and Obama’s neighborhood, or Obama-ville as some of us proudly refer to it.  I opened the store in 2000, after many years traveling around the world professionally and personally.  The name came from a collection of images and articles I sent to my mother while working for an American corporation as International Marketing Directory.  She had a folder in her drawer of the things I wrote and photo-ed and collaged under the title What The Traveler Saw.  Mom taught me early the difference between a tourist and a traveler and I WAS A TRAVELER. Seeing the world helps put everything in order for me.  My history and my future

The store represented a global eye for comparative cultural art and design.  I had textiles and art from around the world as well household accessories and gifts.  I added Fair-Trade goods to our collection that primarily provides food, fresh water and medical care for children around the globe and book signings for artists and visionaries.  And after hearing many many times…“Wow, I’d go there if I could go with you”, I began planning trips to far flung locales like Morocco, (where I’d lived for 4 years during what I call my “law school” years), Thailand, China, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, all over Africa, European jazz festivals.  Now I’ve got Peru on my radar.  Here we come again to Morocco and I just came back from Australia and Barcelona.  My life is great.  Want to go with me on the next trip?   So come along, you’re invited.





  1. Diane Alexander

    Great seeing you at the DuSable Museum comcert! We have a great passion in common-I’m a fellow “traveler!” I got the bug when I was a flight attendant in the ’70’s and have been following the path since then. Really enjoyed reading your piece about the women in your life–beautiful tribute! Hope we can keep in touch.
    BTW: I did get a chance to hook up with Jeannette briefly during my stay. You should definitely get with her soon. Take care.

  2. I am ashamed that I haven’t been on this site in so long that I hadn’t seen your message. I’m on today after more than a year and trying to figure out how to make it work again…
    Thanks for the message and I have been with Jeanette..

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