Travel is the only thing you buy that will make you richer

Home finally from a wonderful experience in the Out Back. Australia is so interesting that it even took me by surprise. To start with the aborigine people are the oldest population on the planet. And it is the greatest diverse continent I think I’ve been on…perhaps diverse is not quite the term. But it is fantastically unexpected and delivers at every turn.
The place is dry and barren except on the coast line or in cities built in the middle of nowhere, where they have put in lakes and streams.
The highway is singular and long and straight. It was no joke when our driver told us to watch out for the extraordinary…A road that crossed ours once in hundreds of miles.
There was nothing to see beyond brush, dry land and flat flat surfaces.
the typical stop along the way was of course the filling stations for the bus. We pulled into what is also considered the shopping-lunch-bar-hangout gas station with a bit of a zoo included. There were 7 foot tall Emus, peacocks a bit dusty, sweet looking small bulls and little white dive bombing cockateels flying all over the sky.
The bathrooms were named Stella and XXX. But in a corner is a hint at the real problem of this country. A drunken, lonely, tearful and hungry Aborigine sitting in the shade of the roof. Totally ignored. And crying.
We saw some of the most impressive and unusual paintings done by these people. And the ability to have lived so long and can interpret what the images and symbols mean is an unusual opportunity in our world.
We see the images and hieroglyphics of the Egyptians and some other cultures but they couldn’t be immediately translated by the people writing them. We had to wait until someone figured out the Rosetta Stone.  But with the Aborigines one can understand the imagery and words and wall paintings hinting at stories. There is rock art from hundreds of thousands of years ago and the symbols on their immediate art work all tell tales that they can tell you about.

Lean beef-dying cow
Bull dozer-sleepy cow
Beef jerky-limping half dead cow
Utter destruction-female cow unable to make it over the fence
Was a too-dead kangaroo on the road
Ground beef-dead cow


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