The Women Who Made Me Who I Am

I want to thank the women in my life for who I am today


Mom-June Stradford
You have made me most aware of what life is, you taught me to see, to plan, to know colors and love design…alternative life styles and a love of the differences in the world that make it so wonderful. Allowing me to experiment with things while under your deep watch. Letting me try things that may or may not have been the right thing, just so that I would learn the truth there in under your protection. You accepted my decisions even tho I didn’t think hard enough to have come up with the final ideal, but to learn from stubbing my toes enough to take the right path, including those around the world that led me to where I am happily today. No fear of solitary time, no pressure when it’s time to accept major responsibilities, no serious discipline when I made the wrong turn, because you knew in the end I’d appreciate the reasons why and understand how not to redo in the future the same mistakes. And to give thanks for the right paths I did take. I love you and am you. Your gentleness saved me from the punishment belt, your guidance took me off the typical path, your creativity led me to the arts, your bravery allowed me to dive into the deep end and learn first hand. Your trust gave me the confidence to take the road less traveled that led me to a life of success, joy and happiness and centered-ness.


My Aunt- Jewel Stradford LaFontant
You made me imagine a higher place and a deeper past. You suggested alternatives without forcing anything upon me. You applauded my accomplishments and celebrated my adventures. You help clear up my mishaps and mistakes with a quiet almost silent wave of your wand. You focused me on my deep far past and enjoyed my reaching through meditation and Tarot cards. You encouraged me to tell you of my adventures and groomed and decorated my accomplishments with celebrations and badges that remain in my heart and safely deposited in my life. You showed your pride in me by having me write for you…your articles and speeches and sometimes appointed me as your representative to stand in your favour to accept your awards. You always said to do your best and be the best dressed. I am you inside and out so many have said. I take pride in that description and offer my incalcuable thanks and gratitude to you and mom for making me who I am today October 12, 2014.  Alice Springs, Australia


My sister-Dr. Leslee Stradford   The Pilot

You have been there to teach me how to share and give a little and grow more patient.  You have encouraged my art while you do museum quality paintings.  And take off into the world like my spirit but with your pilot license and PhD.

I feel love. I have love. I give love thanks to you both. I couldn’t have been more blessed in this world.


About What The Traveler Saw

What The Traveler Saw is what I want to share with you. I amass goods from around the world that represent the countries I visit. I no longer have a shop but I am encouraging all to join me on the trips we took before and the new ones ... Come See, What The Traveler Saw. This is how I see my world... I find myself at a time in my life that I am focused now on seeing how gifted my life is, how healthy I still am and how aware I am of my strengths and weaknesses. My loves are clearer to me after having a celebrated life of lots of good and a bit of bad. But, that just gave me the insight that I have worked with up to now. Come on...Let's see what's in the world we live in!
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