Bambi lives around here

twin deersAnd Bambi’s passing by with her twins…slowly behind the orange trees and bird bath.  She eyed me for a moment past the lilac tree 50 feet away, and walked calmly away strolling ahead of the babies.  I’m sitting in front of the Mexican clay chimney and the birds are singing so beautifully that I could probably record them and sell them…there I go again thinking of passing goods on to other people.  Hey that sounds like a good name for business…

Being on my way back to being me…I laughed some months ago when i thought of my back growing wings. ( I mentioned it to a friend who asked me if “my doctor couldn’t do something about that?”)  OH, well!  Anyway I could almost feel the feathers trying to urge me to lift off.  A lightness of being i’m still feeling, even if I just put on 4 lbs. celebrating a time of change with good wine, food and especially, special friends.

I feel a smile under my cheeks almost constantly, my mouth seems to be naturally uplifted…maybe it’s the muscles having been exercising lately.  My heart feels giddy and light hearted.  (* and there’s always the schmizo).

EyesMeditation, deep breathing, standing straight and tall, wearing the right shoes for aged feet and knees. I have been eating my way thru bushels of argula, locally farmed tomatoes, plums, nectarines and pluouts. Watermelon and cantaloupe juice is divine and how did i go this long not knowing it even existed?  It has been a long time since I ate cheese but sampled some by “Cowgirl Creamery” and it was so decadent that I felt so seductive and soft to the point I had to bring myself “to” with this incredible cabernet that keeps filling my glass.  I’m almost afraid of it.  it tastes like 4 more lbs.

I’m feeling physical fit and I am loving exactly where I am both spiritually and physically.                                P1060701

My life is taking on this next chapter with calm, hopefulness, gratitude and inspiration.  I’m really enjoying the time with my mother…her spirit is amazing.  She’s 96 and a bit slower as time goes by.  But the comments she makes may truly give you pause for thought.  She can be so sassy and cute… like telling the man on the elevator that he could go “eenie, meenie, mynie, mo” (while she pointed to us 4 women) “and take your pick”.  She says things that wake you up, crack you up, back you up, and some that don’t make so much sense.  But that’s okay..

I sit quietly listening to and watching life move around me: the ravens crying out loud on the dead tree brancP1080430hes; the quail running single file in the grass; the deer wandering over there and over there and my mind doing the same.  And oh the places it takes me.  I’m thinking and dreaming of the past in real time and getting enlightenment.  Add that to my meditation and I think I’m blessed to visualize. There is a big black Raven named Edgar that settles on a dead tree bleached from the sun in the distance…He is so big, he looks to be 2 ft from beak to tail and perched 30-40 ft above the ground.  He sees EVERYTHING moving,  including me and won’t let me take a picture of him. I raise my camera and he soars away.


P1080371Writing is my clue that all’s well with my rhythm of life…Oh and speaking of that, I’ve been introduced to new music by old and favorite musicians.  I love the rhythms of hispanic jazz, old classics and new love songs.  I’m remembering back ‘when’, with me and my mates here on earth.  Remember when…?  Where is he/she now?  Who was that…?  My life is blessed and continues to make me honor this thing called life. To be able to experience the beauties of the world;  to find more happiness than not;  to dream and clarify dreams;  to create and keep a record of thoughts and stories; to record images of my visions;

(oh! there goes a baby deer again.  They are walking around quietly and know I’m out here.)   Paradise

Having a late breakfast today, sitting in my meditation spot outside, on a path up the small hill near the house.  P1070950It is so isolated here that you can’t hear traffic, unless it’s turning onto the property.  What you hear are birds with a wide variety of songs, crickets day and night, the wind rustling the trees and that makes the ground sparkle between sun rays and leaf shadows.  My prayer flags wave above the small bench I sit on at the top of the path.  Sometimes the deer re-route themselves if i’m here, I think they like this path too.

   I’m in a place of me.



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