The Fig on Figueroa


If you really want to go to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey orMorocco, but can only get to Los Angeles, let me share a secret with you. Those of you who know me, know that I can find the most unusual and special of places or things available…So, having said that, I want to introduce you to the Fig on  Figueroa…This hotel will welcome you in the most exotic way.

You step out of the blistering L.A. sun into the cool shade of the hotels’ lobby, where you’ll be greeted by Uno, the owner of this desert palace who is happily present most days.  The bellmen and clerks wear kurtas the colors of the rainbow,  baggy pants and slippers, some with turned up toes.

The tiles on the floors and walls originate in Morocco, Spain and Turkey; the huge chandeliers of copper and bronze are from some souk of lands and times long gone and the poufs, divans, chairs and candelabras right out of a Pasha’s palace.  The doors are huge and hammered brass and copper with leaded glass windows, the walls are muted colors of the desert.

There is a baby grand piano in the foyer too that promises a special happy hour…ImageBaby grand underneath the treasured indonesian couple

The rooms are even more exotic…if that’s possible. Each of the apartments (they have fridges and some have microwaves…) are unique with accessories from everywhere in the Asian/African world.The colors run from pale blue to cobalt and lapis;  peach to hot pink and red; mint to olive and emerald and that is just the wall colors.  Consider that the curtains and bed linen are equally bright and the rugs uniquely beautiful.  Nothing matches and that’s okay.   Mismatch is a look especially when paired to murals and distressed treasures.Image

Then there is the breakfast buffet…the bar is now the service area.
The chafing dishes are full of eggs, rice, oatmeal, soup, muffins, bagels and cream cheese, pancakes and waffles…all about $.50/.75 a serving…”what is a serving” a guest asks.  “what ever you put on your plate.”  For me, that was a $2.50 breakfast including coffee.  And dinner off the menu, though fewer choices, is equally satisfying and made to order.

After dinner, I found, that many locals or visitors flock to the patio bar out back.  Tucked beneath the towers of new LA under tents and palm trees is the bar pool area with bands or piped in music.    While sitting in canopied beds adorned with curtains made of saris and full of overstuffed pillows, you can order exotic drinks or mint tea.

It’s a crazy juxtaposition of neon brights, brass lamps and candles, exotic scents and great wine bar.

You will love your time here and tell Uno I said hello!

ImageOld world in the new.

An oasis in the middle of fast moving traffic and bright lights
Very Shangri-La La land.


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  1. Ashley

    Ooh! I’d love to stay here! Does look some some of my travels in SE Asia. 🙂

  2. Let me know if you love it too.

  3. An oasis in the middle of fast moving traffic and bright lights ; )

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