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I’m writing this blog to share my images and stories of my travels.  It’s quite a selfish endeavor because I’m getting so much enjoyment out of seeing my work and words published.  I need to write while I have words and memories of my escapades.   It was my mother, who is now 95 years strong, that told me when I was young to write down everything.  She’d give me a journal for every trip and I’d write down anything I heard; the names of people, places and things, the words I learned to read in a foreign language, and I’d collect stamps or whatever bits I’d find along the way.  Then, she gave me a camera…I took photos of family, stuffed animals and cats.  I’ve been so lucky to have had her direction and love in my life for so long…So what else could I be doing that’s better than this?   And  I thank you so much for your interest and comments.  See you around…  Laurel the explorer


About What The Traveler Saw

What The Traveler Saw is what I want to share with you. I amass goods from around the world that represent the countries I visit. I no longer have a shop but I am encouraging all to join me on the trips we took before and the new ones ... Come See, What The Traveler Saw. This is how I see my world... http://www.flixxy.com/wonderful-world-david-attenborough.htm I find myself at a time in my life that I am focused now on seeing how gifted my life is, how healthy I still am and how aware I am of my strengths and weaknesses. My loves are clearer to me after having a celebrated life of lots of good and a bit of bad. But, that just gave me the insight that I have worked with up to now. Come on...Let's see what's in the world we live in!
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